Oxford ELLT​

Offering a convenient and accessible platform, Oxford ELLT (English Language Level Test) empowers learners to embark on their educational journey with proficiency and confidence. 

The best part of it? It is conducted entirely online!

What is Oxford ELLT?

Oxford ELLT, designed and delivered by Oxford International Digital Institute (OIDI) is a highly regarded online examination designed to assess individuals’ proficiency in the English language. Recognized globally, this four-step assessment serves as a steppingstone for students aiming to advance their education and enhance their language skills.

Why take the Oxford ELLT?

Oxford ELLT offers a thorough and precise evaluation of a student’s English language proficiency, enabling them to demonstrate their linguistic skills and prepare for the next phase of their educational journey.


With the flexibility for students to set their own pace, they can complete the test at their convenience, one stage at a time.


Implementing AI Proctoring, the ELLT guarantees both security and test validity, providing students with a true representation of their English language proficiency.


During the test, students receive guidance and support from the ELLT staff, ensuring a smooth and helpful testing experience.

Four-Step Assessment

Conducted entirely online, prestigious universities recognize this four-step assessment globally, serving as a testament to students’ English language level. 

Step 1


It assesses skills such as understanding main ideas, identifying the supporting details, and interpreting information.

Step 2


evaluates the ability to understand spoken English in various contexts, such as lectures, conversations, and interviews.

Step 3


 Focuses on the ability to express ideas effectively in written form.

Step 4


Fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary usage, and the ability to express ideas coherently are evaluated.

Ready to register for the ELLT?

Access the registration page and begin your journey in demonstrating your English language proficiency. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your skills and unlock new academic and career prospects. 

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Yes, renowned universities, educational institutions and employers worldwide recognize the ELLT. It serves as evidence of an individual’s English language level and opens doors to various academic and professional opportunities.

To be fully equipped for the ELLT online test, you will need essential equipment such as a computer, a reliable internet connection, and headphones with a microphone. It is recommended to use a computer instead of a smartphone as it provides a better experience for completing writing tasks during the test.

The AI proctoring system for the ELLT is designed to safeguard the integrity of the testing process. Test-takers are required to share their screen, audio, webcam feed, and complete a 360 video scan of their surroundings. Any suspicious activity detected by the AI technology is flagged for review by the ELLT academics team.

Test-takers can also benefit from taking a TOEFL preparation course, either in-person or online. It is recommended that test-takers start preparing well in advance to ensure they are fully prepared for the test.

ELLT examiners have access to students’ identification information and video recordings of the tests. This enables them to identify any inconsistencies or discrepancies for further investigation by the ELLT team. Trained ELLT examiners conduct and proctor the speaking tests.

Upon completion of the tests, candidates will receive a digital certificate. During registration, students must upload an identifying photograph alongside their passport The ELLT Academic team thoroughly moderates and reviews each test before releasing the results.

The ELLT portal prioritizes accessibility by providing a user-friendly platform that can be accessed even in low bandwidth areas. Students have control over their journey and can navigate through the platform easily. ELLT partners have access to student information and results, allowing them to verify the authenticity of each completed exam through the ELLT.